Bombs Away!

A quick update on the Dos Palos story. A dead sheep was found four miles from its owner’s property. One witness described the carcass looking as though it had fallen from a great height.

Question: What can fly and is large enough to pick up a full grown sheep? A black helicopter? Certainly. But why rustle a sheep just to toss it out the window without surgically mutilating it first? That’s just not the typical modus operandi of these people, if you ask me.

On the other hand, it’s not so difficult to imagine a terrified, struggling sheep breaking free from the talons of one of the flying demons reported in the Dos Palos skies and falling to its death. But, of course, this is mere speculation.

A flying demon or Thunderbird, for you who are new here, is what we in the business refer to as a pterodactyl or, in some cases, the spawn of Satan.


As an aside, our friend, “Sparkman,” is presently en route to Moulder, Az. to follow up on the Wibble story. I hope to have a complete report for you in a couple days.

Until then,



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