Closed For Remodeling?

I just received a text from Sparkman and I’m passing this on to you in the hope someone will provide me with some more information.

State police have set up roadblocks and effectively quarantined the town of Moulder, Az. Police are detouring traffic to the interstate eighteen miles west of the town. When questioned about the reason, the police are vague and become agitated when pressed. Against my advice, Sparkman has vowed to find a way into town before morning.

So far, Sparkman is my only source for this story. Although he’s sent me some fruitful information over the last few months, I admit I’m beginning to wonder if he could be perpetrating a hoax with this. To tell you the truth, I almost hope this is a hoax. I fear no good will come of quarantining an American town.

If you know anything about what’s going on, please contact me.

I’ll post again as soon as I learn something new.


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