Not Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

There’s been no news of Moulder, Az. anywhere on the web. Sparkman has staked out a lookout point in the hills near town. He’s sent out several pictures and a short video clip. Unfortunately, the quality is too poor to be of use, due to distance and the lack of a zoom lens. I admit I had written his reporting off as a hoax until I received an e-mail from a believer who encouraged me to find Moulder on Google Earth. The image posted here is what you’ll find if you check it out like I did. If you don’t find this odd, I dare you to find another town concealed by clouds on GE. I dare say the little town of Moulder is in for some stormy weather, and I don’t mean rain.

I‘ll not be quick to doubt Sparkman again.

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s a summary of Sparkman’s report: Except for several black SUVs, there’s been no traffic in or out of town since this morning. Reports of sporadic gunfire have issued from town over the course of the day. No less than three helicopters have been in the skies directly over town since dawn. End of report.

The question remains. Does this have anything to do with from Marsha Wibble’s little nibble?

I need sleep. Until who knows when…


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