Who Goes There?


electricity (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)


I was planning on writing about the death of Halloween. How holidays such as Christmas and Easter will survive, while those like Halloween are doomed to obscurity. Who wants to be scared these days? I dare say you’re not sitting on your front porch with a bowl of candy for what may come calling this eve.

That’s what I planned to write about before the miracle that took place on the east coast today. I’m talking, of course, about the power that was restored to the blackout areas. This is good news of course, but I, like many others, want to know how this was accomplished and by whom.

I know the sentiment on the web credits this to an act of God. That’s fine by me. With the absence of facts, it makes as much sense as anything else I can think of. However, there’s more to the story than what happened in New England. As I’ve mentioned before, how do any of us still have electricity, not to mention water and gas, as well as periods of internet and phone service. I attributed this blessing to the military at first, but that explanation is becoming more implausible with each passing day.

The CDC estimated one out of five hundred people were immune to the stage two plague. Out of six billion people, that would leave about twelve million humans. That’s twelve million against six billion living dead. Out of the twelve, how many survived the stage three zombie onslaught? A third? A quarter? Even if half of us have survived this long, the number is staggeringly low, and I can’t imagine the military has not suffered a similar reduction. With such diminished numbers, I simply don’t see how they could maintain civilian utilities and services across the nation––even without the zombie menace to hinder them.

So today’s big question is, if not the military, who is looking after us and why?

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