Having Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here

English: MS Majesty of the Seas, one of Royal ...

Norma Tropical Drinks

Norma Tropical Drinks (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

Shelly and I just got home from a Caribbean cruise. Sailing the beautiful seas for a month was exactly what the doctor ordered. There’s something about sipping Mai Tais with colorful little umbrellas while relaxing on a deck chair in a zombie free setting that does a soul good. If only I wasn’t making this up. The sad truth of the matter is we lost power and internet service shortly after my last post. Not so fun when you live in a house with the windows boarded up. We spent most of our daylight hours upstairs with the only unobstructed window in the entire house. I do have a couple of 30 watt solar panels for recharging batteries and whatnot but small battery operated lamps are no substitute for good old 100 watt bulbs.

On-deck image of passengers on RMS Carpathia d...


Shelly gained at least ten pounds. She’s a more active type than me and found herself bored to death and ate to break the monotony. I worked on my novel,  and only occasionally suffered from cabin fever.  Shelly, to her credit, never once set fire to the house as she threatened to do, wishing to motivate me to take her out on the town. I personally don’t see the appeal in zombie dodging, and refused. Selfish of me, I know.

Actually, more has happened in the last month than I’m letting on. I’ll clue you in with some future posts. For now, I’m too much in the moment. Once I finish imagining this tropical sunset, I’m making a beeline for the casino.


Tropical_Island_Sunset (Photo credit: myheimu)

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here (Photo credit: Sister72)

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