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Although Z ( was intended as light zombie-apocalypse reading, the writing was demanding on both my meager mental abilities and my time. It was, however, a hoot to write. Every post was written the day of the posting and nothing was pre-planned—at least not consciously. The only editing done was on punctuation and typos. The posts have a raw first draft feel because that’s what they are.

What was difficult about writing the story you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I threw Martin into bad situations with no clue of how to get him out. This is standard practice in writing a story, but normally you can change things in order to come up with a viable solution. Not so with posting something and then needing to resolve the problem by the next day. Once posted, there was no going back and saying, “Never mind, Martin’s screwed with this scenario. There’s no way out. I need to rewrite this so he doesn’t die or whatever.” I was stuck with what I wrote. I won’t claim my solutions were all that clever, but hopefully they were somewhat entertaining.

Some folks still bug me to continue with Z, but the truth is it was taking too much time away from finishing the novel I’m working on. The novel is nearing completion and yes there are zombies in it as well as other things you don’t want moving in next door, if you’re interested in such nonsense. If I ever do revise Z, I’ll announce it on my other blog, 80 Proof Prose at:

I’d love to have you visit me there.

AKA Martin Grist

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