About Z

Z is a fictional first person blog recounting the Zombie Apocalypse. The story begins with the October 2nd post, “At Least It Wasn’t His Brain.” Although the posts are sequential in nature, hopefully they can stand on their own. Z was inspired by Orson Wells‘ 1938 broadcast of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. The concept here is to present a real time narrative “end of the world” blog. Although the original alien invasion theme is a favorite of mine, I’ve opted for the popular Zombie Apocalypse theme here.



A Short History Lesson

The zombification agent went through three stages of evolution. The first stage is unclear. One theory has it that it’s the result of a parasitic fungus, another suggests a laboratory created “Zombie Cell” escaped a research facility somewhere in New Mexico. Most people believe it was simply an act of God.

Stage one lasted for many months and was responsible for a rash of cannibalism acts.  At the time, these atrocities were blamed on designer drugs like Bath Salts. I believe that those who were bitten became became incubators for the disease as it mutated to stage two. One of the bitten living in Florida eventually became host to the stage two agent and transmitted the agent to a tourist, Marsh Wibble, who was visiting Florida from her hometown of Moulder, Arizona. Infected, she spread the agent through physical contact at three connecting airports on her way home to Arizona. From the airports, the agent rapidly spread across the nation and the rest of the globe. The infected who died rose within forty-eight hours as the living dead, the third and final stage.

The CDC estimated one out of five hundred people were immune to the stage two plague. Out of six billion people, that would leave about twelve million humans alive. That’s 500 living dead for every person left alive. Out of those people, how many survived the initial zombie onslaught? A third? A quarter? Even if half survived, the number is staggeringly low. However, there is a silver lining to the end of the world. Somehow, someway, electricity and internet service continues across the globe. Thank God.

~Martin Grist~

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