2 thoughts on “Author Page

  1. Greetings Mr. R.W. Goldsmith!:

    Since May 11th last year (National Twilight Zone Day), I’ve been conducting a survey of writers in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genres and Twilight Zone Facebook Fan Sites, and I’ve been asking the Question: What is your favorite episode of the original Twilight Zone series created by Rod Serling?
    It is my hope that I will collect a large enough number of responses to have a really definitive list of the fan base’s favorite episodes and so far I’ve had over 3500 fans and writers respond which I’m very happy about. I’d like to complete the survey by May 11th when it rolls around again and on that date I’ll reveal the results.

    So, may I add your vote to the list? Which is your favorite episode?
    Thank you and Best Wishes!
    William Kozy

  2. The Burgess Meredith episode with the broken spectacles and the William Shatner episode about the gremlins on the plane comes to my mind first. Between them I’d go with Meredith.

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